In 1991, we founded Triware Networld Systems, a San Francisco Bay Area IT systems integrator in areas of IT architecture and security. In 2000, we founded Triware Networld Solutions, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area solution provider for IT knowledge management and in 2018, we founded Triware Networld Capital, a Venture Capital and Investment firm.  Triware companies have a proven and successful track record exemplified by the fact that nearly 100% of our new business is generated from existing clients and business partners’ referrals.




Anyone as lucky as to get Triware as mentor has our deepest congratulations. Not only does Triware bring mature leadership to a start-up, guiding us through the proper business thinking and the various ways in which we could strengthen our business model but Triware also brings brilliant vision, enthusiasm, passion for meaningful business and a rare kindness to the table.

As of this writing, we have just signed a contract with Bookatable (Europe’s equivalent to OpenTable) for Meals IQ, which allows us to have their whole table booking system in our app and pays us for every honored cover charge booked though Meals IQ. So every time someone books a table through Meals IQ and honors that booking we get paid for Bookatable’s thousands of restaurants in all major cities in Europe.

Triware has encouraged us to find revenue models early on so that we can grow the company without interference, and it is thanks to Triware that we have come this far. We have also obtained more orders for IQ Menus (the second core component of Meals IQ), this time through referrals from the first customers we got for IQ Menus.

Encouraging results here further validate our vision and strategy going forward. Triware has not only understood the strategy very well but Triware has largely contributed to it and encouraged us to pursue it.

Triware is an extremely responsible and client focused company. I have worked with Triware family of companies for almost 15 years, and have always found their services impeccable. I first hired Triware in 1997. In the course of our 15 years relationship, I have hired Triware many times in 4 different companies with repeated success! Triware understands the clients’ needs and implements 100%! I would recommend Triware for the following reasons:

1) Response time and speed of solving problems.
2) Understanding of my needs and how to implement them.
3) Personal support.
4) Honesty and integrity.